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Mosquito & Tick Spraying

We all know that summer is tick and mosquito season. We're here to help you get your yard back so you can enjoy the warm weather with your family and pets all summer long.


We offer treatments that last 3-4 weeks. Our treatments are planned out for each clients individual needs. Treatments can be scheduled bi weekly or monthly with no contracts. One time applications can also be available as needed. Organic treatments are also available. 


Services are provided by Agricultural Invasive Solutions LLC. AIS is a women owned and operated small business dedicated to providing you with the most excellent customer experience. 


About US

Integrated Vegetation Services approaches every tree job with safety as our top priority. We utilize the latest arboricultural techniques to maximize tree health. We also use Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) and Best Management Practices (BMP's) with all of our Plant Health Care, Invasive Plant Control, and Industrial Weed Control programs to implement the correct control methods for the best possible results.  

Our Services


IVS goes into every job with safety and efficiency as our number one priority. We use the latest tools and techniques in arboriculture to give the best results for the customer and for the health of the trees.


Our process starts with identifying invasive plants. Once identified, a plan is put into place to control and eliminate all non-native plant species from the property.

poisonous/ nuisance vegetation control

IVS specializes in both private and commercial vegetation control. We also offer municipal and industrial weed control are offered.


IVS can handle anything from over-grown yards to old field reclamation. Bush mowing is not only pleasing to the eye but, it returns nutrients from the mulch back into soil and it leaves roots intact for soil retention.

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